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The SPIWAY® Endonasal Access Guide (EAG) platform is the first and only access technology for endoscopic endonasal skull base surgery. The SPIWAY EAG platform protects the surgical corridor and is proven to improve visualization by significantly reducing lens obscurations and cleaning events during your procedures1.

Help reduce trauma from 100+ blind passes of instruments/hour2

Reduction in endoscope obscuration time*

Less endoscope cleaning actions per minute using the SPIWAY EAG platform*

The SPIWAY EAG Platform Difference

The SPIWAY EAG platform was created with the same goal as the endoscopic endonasal approach: improve visualization of critical structures.

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With SPIWAY EAG platform

With EAG 1
With EAG 2

No SPIWAY EAG platform

Without EAG 1
Without EAG 2

Representative operative video stills of clear field-of-view while using EAG on left side, and obscured and soiled field-of-view while not using EAG on right side1
*Surgical images from independent clinical study

Available in two sizes to accommodate a wide range of endoscopic endonasal skull base procedures and anatomical differences.

SP005 (Medium)

5cm Superior Side

~5cm from nostril to distal end

SP004 (Large)

6cm Superior Side

~6cm from nostril to distal end

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The SPIWAY Endonasal Access Guide identified herein is covered by the following U.S. patents: US8986201, US10470647, US9949621, US10986984, US11039735

* Compared to control group without SPIWAY during the intradural phase of the endoscopic endonasal surgery.

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